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The Role of our Governing Body

Governors have considerable responsibilities .  Governors don’t exercise them as individuals, but work as part of a Governing Body – a corporate team.  They do not manage schools – This is the role of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, but they do oversee the development of the school- their main aim being to always provide a high standard of education for all pupils, of all abilities..

The Governing Body has three main roles

  • Strategic – The GB sets the general direction of the school, looking at how it should best develop. 
  • Critical Friend – A Governing Body  should work with the Headteacher and create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing a school.
  • Accountability – A school is a business and its stakeholders are the learners.  The Governing Body must have a professional attitude and use its collective skills to benefit the learners.  It must gather views, ask questions and decide what is best for the school.

Governors serve a term of 4 years. Their roles and responsibilities are decided upon annually.

Governor List as of September 2017

Governors Register of interests 2017

Designated staff and governors linked roles sept 17-18

Parents (2) Elected on to GB by parents.

  • Mr Sean Randall    Resources and Pay Committees (chair) / H&S / Policies/ Maths

Term of office    14/10/2014 – 13/10/2018     Attendance 3/6 FGB  5/5 Resources



  •  Carly McDowell    School Improvement Committee / History / Geography / MFL / PPG group

Term of office    06/01/2015 – 05/01/2019    Attendance   3/6 FGB  5/5 Improvement



LEA Governors (1) Appointed by the local Authority

  • Mr Ralph Raynor   Chair of School Improvement Committee and Complaints

                                     Term of office     17/06/2014 – 16/06/2018     Attendance 4/6 FGB 4/5 Improvement



Staff (2) Other than the Headteacher elected onto the GB by staff.


  • Miss M Kingston –    Deputy Headteacher   Attendance  6/6 FGB   5/5 Resources   5/5 Improvement


  • Mrs Jackie Birch     School Improvement Committee

          Term of office   09/06/2014 – 08/06/2018    Attendance    5/6 FGB  5/5 Improvement



Co-opted Governors (10) Appointed to the GB by governors according to skill sets.


  • Mrs Diane Hay        GDC / School improvement Committee

Term of office  01/10/2013 – 30/09/2017   Attendance   1/6 FGB     3/5 Improvement


  • Mrs Catherine Shadbolt   Chair of Governors / Inclusion / Child Protection /CLA/PPG

                                                Term of office  01/10/2012 – 30/09/2016    Attendance  5/6 FGB   5/5 Improvement    5/5 Resources


  • James French      School Improvement Committee/PE

                                             Term of office 17/06/2016 – 16/06/2020  Attendance ( New Governor) 1/1 FGB


  • Mr Bob Radley     Chair of School Resources/Finance Governor/Vice Chair of GB/ Children’s Centre

                                              Term of office  01/03/2014 – 28/02/2018    Attendance  5/6 FGB   5/5 Resources


  • Mrs Margaret Notley   School Resources Committee / Grievance Chair

                                               Term of office   28/09/2012 – 27/09/2016    Attendance   6/6 FGB   4/5 Resources


  • Mr Mark Hessey    School Resources Committee / Science

                                               Term of office  15/02/2016 – 14/02/2020    Attendance   (New Governor)  3/3 FGB  2/2 Resources


  • Jo Marshall                School Improvement Committee / Governors in school co-ordinator

                                                  term of office                                Attendance (New Governor)




Associate Governors – Appointed by the GB for a specific skill/role.

  •  Helen Longstaff
 Children’s Centre Group  Manager
  • Clerk to Governors
Mr Tony Ecuyer/ ICT


Designated Staff and Governors linked roles Sept 17-18

Governors Register of interests 2017 

If you wish to contact the School Governors the email is chair@woolenwickjm.herts.sch.uk

If you would like to make an appointment.thiscan also be done through the school office.

If you would like more information in becoming a governor please see here

Useful websites for Governors  click here

The Woolenwick Junior School Governing Body is made up of 15 members, a mixture of staff, parents/carers, members appointed by the Local authority and members from the wider community. They all have a specific area or subject they are linked to.

Governing body minutes are available free of charge to parents from the school office.

For the latest Governing Body Annual Statement 16/17 here

For a  comprehensive list of our policies click here

School performance tables can be found here

Class Governors for 2017/18

Governors are also linked with a classroom, following the children right through the school.  Children are encouraged to write to their Governor and invite them to visit or help out in the classroom.

Governors name Class Teacher
Bob Radley Onyx Kerri McLay
Mark Hessey Moonstone Steve Massey
Carly McDowell Opal Jo Marshall
Margaret Notely Sapphire Heather Snelson
James French Emerald Kerry Ward/Tracey Brotherton
Ralph Raynor Pearl Julie White
Catherine Shadbolt Diamond Mark Borland
Sean Randall Amethyst Karen Jones