Our highlights last year when we were in Ruby class

Super Scientists
This year we have enjoyed many visits from external agencies including our neighbours GSK. Look at the creativity that was involved with this activity about blood…
Cave Painting
Through our literacy work on the beautiful book “Pebble in my Pocket” by Meredith Hooper, we explored the Stone Age. We found out about cave painting and explored what life was like during this era.
In Ruby class we love maths! We enjoy exploring mathematical concepts through games, songs and practical activities. All of these things develop our reasoning and problem solving skills!
Wiggly Worms
We gained some class pets! Our wiggling worms had a fabulous time exploring our compost bins and we found out about the decomposition of food! Fun, fun!

Sports Day
After lots of preparation, sports day was finally here! We had lots of smiles and fun and particularly enjoyed our ice lollies at the end of a warm morning! Thank you Mr Hawkins!


We became architects and had to measure different places in our playground to help Mr Sherwin! There was some super non-standard measurement which progressed onto standard, using centimetres and millimetres.

Magnificent Microscopes
We explored the structure of a plant using microscopes!

Grass Head Pets

In Literacy, we explored the science topic of “growing plants” and wrote some amazing instructions to teach other children how to make a grass head. The grass grew so long that we had to give them haircuts!

Super Scripts
Holly Hamilton from BBC news sent us an amazing challenge; to write our own scripts on the history of our earth! We were amazing and enjoyed performing to our peers.

Hands on learning.
Look at us, working as a team to make our own edible garden. We have grown basil, tarragon, thyme and other herbs. We can’t wait to make sandwiches at the end of the year!