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Download here for information on  the upcoming ‘MY FEELINGS MATTER’ Workshop for parents 

To find out more about Applying for a school place in Hertfordshire click here you can also use this link to find details about applying for your child’s Senior School.

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Starting school at Woolenwick

If you are starting school with us soon and would like to read our ‘starting school’ booklet, please click here 

Parent communication

While we realise we are a long way from being a paperless school, every little step helps. To this end, we are working with the governors to try and improve our newsletter distribution. Currently our newsletter is distributed every fortnight on a Friday and contains important information about upcoming events and reminders.  We would like to reduce the number of newsletters we photocopy and the number the children leave in the cloakroom!  We are therefore giving Parents/Carers the option to read the newsletter on line here on the website, or by email.

If you would like to access the newsletters click here

If you would like the newsletters emailed to you, please make sure that the Office have your current email address.

Special letters, such as those which include a permission slip, will still be sent home with every child in the usual way.

If you have any further questions, please call into the school office. The school will provide paper copies of any information currently on the school website if requested at the school office.

If you would like to talk with the class teacher, or Headteacher please make an appointment with the office.

Helping with home learning

To find out more about our Curriculum Policies click on the links below

Spelling    Addition   Division  Multiplication  Subtraction

You can find some useful websites on the pupil page click here

Dinner Money Payments

Our computerised dinner money works in such a way that it credits payments to a child, and then deducts the relevant amount every time the child has a school dinner, thus leaving a current balance. All credits and debits are carried over from year to year, and when your child leaves us any overpayments are paid back to you. Please make cheques out to HCL. You can request a statement from the office at any time to keep track of your payments.


For online payments via School Gateway please click here

You can apply for free school meals here

For information on this term’s school meals menu click here

Library Books

All children visit the school Library once every two weeks. When their books need to be returned they can be placed into the green box situated next to the library desk.

Delivering and Collecting Children from School

Please do not park within, or drive onto, the school grounds to drop off your child for reasons of safety. Children should not arrive in the playground before 8.40am, as it is unsupervised until this time.

Playground Equipment

Parents/carers are reminded that, for reasons of safety and insurance, children are NOT allowed to go onto the play equipment before and after school.

School uniform Policy… can be found here You can order online here

Home School agreement can be found here

Learning logsinformation for parents/carers click here


FAQ on the costs of trips can be found here

Attendance and Absence

There is a strong relationship between regular attendance at school and children meeting their educational potential. At Woolenwick we aim to work closely with pupils and their parents to ensure that children arrive punctually and attend regularly. Our Pupil Attendance Policy explains all the procedures that we have in place to ensure that our records are accurate. It also sets out how we work with families when problems with attendance and punctuality are identified. If your child is sick or absent you can now use the report an absence facility on the right hand navigation bar.  The  Attendance Policy for Woolenwick Junior School can be found here 

For our Parental guide to drugs click here

Gaming Support for parents and carers

Schools are increasingly reporting the impact video gaming is having on childrens education, achievement, behaviour and sleep.  Herts ICT Team participated in the Radio Verulam Parents Show. The programme focused on the need for parental engagement, appropriate boundaries and research about the effects of gaming on behaviour and sleep. This is now available as a podcast and the link can be found here.

Online gaming , what parents need to know

New technologies, including gaming, can offer our children many exciting and positive experiences. However schools are increasingly aware of the negative impact that some online gaming is having on the education, achievement, sleep and behaviour of children. To find out more about the online games your children are playing and obtain advice offered to parents/carers based on research, please do listen to the Radio Verulams Parents Show podcast Computer games and your kids.

How can I get involved with the school?

There are a number of opportunities, at different levels and depending upon how much time you have to offer, for parents/carers to become involved in school. However it is important to know that before anyone is allowed to work in school they must have received CRB clearance. This simply involves completing a questionnaire, proving your identity and then forwarded to the Authority to be checked. This is free of charge for volunteers. Please read our visitors policy here School Visitors Policy and Procedures

Reading Buddies

If you can offer just an hour a week you might like to come and listen to some children read. You can either offer your services to your child�s class teacher or join the small army of helpers who listen to just a few selected children to boost their reading.

Helping in the Classroom

If you have a little more time available you might like to work alongside the teacher for a morning or afternoon each week where you will be trained to do lots of tasks which help the teacher and, ultimately, the children.


If you have an interest in books you may wish to help out in the library. Useful websites

Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school

DirectGov for parents

Education SitesDepartment for Education and Science

National Curriculum online Parents