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Below are some science experiments to try at home.

Working scientifically skills
1. Body proportions – find out whether Da Vinci was right, is our arm span the same as our height?
2. Dinosaur maths – Adapted from the ‘Linking science and maths for impact’ course and includes children working out whether they could outrun a T-Rex
3. How strong are peas?
4. Bottle top shapes from the Science Museum Group

Working scientifically skills
Rocket Mice from the science museum (As an adaptation to this, children could place cupcake cases or cotton wool balls over the bottle top to see how high these fly.)
Don’t break the egg challenge – using an understanding of materials and forces
Straw rocket instructions from NASA
Balloon rocket instructions from Science Bob
Try to encourage children to think about the working scientifically skills they are using when completing these activities.

Working scientifically skills

The activities this week focus on plants as this would have been a topic many schools would be looking at in the summer term.

Find these new activitieshere- Working scientifically skills

The activities this week focus on materials science- chemistry. They involve materials that we often have in our kitchen cupboards.
(great for discussing properties of materials, solids and liquids)
2. Speedy liquids – (easiest in terms of resources and children can set up their own comparative test and form their own conclusion)
3. Science with Ice from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (great for exploring melting)

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