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Diamond Class

Welcome to Diamond class

Mrs White & Mrs Elliott

 art 1 art 2
 art 4 art 3

In art this week we have been making

sculptures of the Eiffel tower. We used paper and plastic straws.

We started by drawing templates of the famous tower,

then we cut the straws into different size pieces and used

PVA glue the straws onto the template.

 art 6  art 7
 art 8  art 5


On BMX day everyone got to see the BMX teacher jump over the teachers, he jumped over 6 of them. Before we did anything we put on our safety equipment

and then we started jumping over ramps. We had to try and ride without hands on our handlebars. It was great fun.


img_2068  img_2181
 img_2206  img_2230
 img_2256  img_2266