Make it! Move it!

Over the last few weeks a number of children were invited to take part in a STEM project, which required children to work with a partner to build a car from wood. The car needed to ‘run’ and therefore the children were asked to power the car with an electric circuit and following a given prototype re-create it attaching gears in order for it to become mobile. The aim was to create a car and during the process, select pairs of children to go forward to a competitive celebration of the project where other schools would showcase their efforts too.

The children selected to take part in the project were those that had over the year demonstrated particular skills in creativity or Design Technology. The children gave up their lunch and break times to create the cars initially. Then, due to the very tight schedule and in the last few days leading up to the celebration event, the children had to show their resilience in completing their projects for the given deadline and they continued to work on their project with Mrs Darby over two afternoons. From the group of children who took part in this project, two pairs were selected to represent the school and went to a main event in Stevenage, where other school brought along their contestants too to share their work.

The children who went to the event were Nina and Amreen from Y4 and Madeira and Lenny from Y5.

These children were interviewed by engineers who asked about any technical difficulties they had and how they had resolved these. The children then tested their car on a slope- where they had to think on their feet about how to create friction to allow it to go up a slope. During the event, they worked with engineers to help solve the problem. Here the children were again assessed for their team work and resilience. We were very fortunate as two of our children Nina and Amreen (Y4). were chosen as the second place runners up and awarded medals for their efforts.