Suggestion Box


Here are a selection of the suggestions we have received this term:


Q. Can we have a day where we all wear pink for the day for Breast Cancer?  Year 4 Pupil

A. Yes, we could do that. Maybe pick a colour that all children will have in their wardrobe and align a non-school uniform day for cancer charities.  We will ask Pupil Parliament to arrange.


Q. Can we have squash with our school dinners? Water is boring.  Year 5 Pupil

A. Squash has a lot of sugar and additives in. We are a healthy school and offer water with our lunches and during the school day.
Sorry we will not be able to do this.


Q. Can we have pictures of all our staff up so that our parents know who they are?  Year 6 Pupil

A. We could arrange for this to be displayed in main reception. We will investigate.  Mr Hawkins, Headteacher.


Q.  I would really like to have more games in the playground like skipping ropes and footballs.  Year 3 Pupil

A. We already have both of those in the playground. If you see one of the staff at breaktime they will show you where they all are.