Online Learning Provision

Online Learning

At Woolenwick Junior School we will be doing all that we can to facilitate a high quality online learning platform for our children.

Our provision aims to:

  • ensure pupils receive clear explanations
  • support growth in confidence
  • give opportunities to apply new knowledge or skills
  • enable pupils to receive feedback on how to progress
  • Our  Remote Learning Policy can be downloaded here

Please be aware the guidance from the Government asks that schools do the following:

Government guidance Woolenwick Junior School
Teach a planned and well-sequenced curriculum so that knowledge and skills are built incrementally, with a good level of clarity about what is intended to be taught and practised in each subject so that pupils can progress through the school’s curriculum We will continue to use the schemes of learning and progression documents that we had intended to use before the Lockdown. These have been carefully mapped out and allow for sequential learning and progressive learning to be developed.

Please see our Knowledge Organisers on our website for details of how we are tracking back and looking ahead.

Select a digital platform for remote education provision that will be used consistently across the school in order to allow interaction, assessment and feedback and make sure staff are trained and confident in its use. If schools do not have an education platform in place, they can access free Support at Get help with technology – GOV.UK ( We are using Google Classroom as a platform and within this a wide range of learning mediums including:

–          live sessions with the teachers

–          pre-recorded lessons

–          power points with embedded audio links

–          videos

In addition to this we would like children to engage in dialogue with regards to their learning with their teachers using the Google Stream. This will be daily feedback in line with the latest guidance.

Parents can use Year Group emails to engage with staff and check in with them or have any queries answered.

Year group emails are:

The amount of remote education provided should be, as a minimum:

Key Stage 2:     4 hours a day

Pupils are expected to use Google Classroom Codes to access their accounts. Each classroom has published a timetable to share with children what their typical day should look like. Click here to see a Google Classroom Timetable example

These timetables may change and will be updated by the teachers. It is important that we move lessons around as we need to in order to ensure that the learning is engaging, interactive and relevant. For example: there is a live lesson being facilitated by Paignton Zoo on Friday the 15th Jan at 11:00am.  This would be a fantastic opportunity for all who can to login to a zoo and learn online from a live event. Where such opportunities arise, we will modify the timetables accordingly.

Please note we are keeping a log of attendance remotely and if your child has not accessed their learning we will follow through by:

-emailing you to ask you how we can help

-call you to ask you how we can help

Parent Support

Parents questions/scenarios Woolenwick Junior School
I have no device for my child to use and complete learning on Google Classroom We are expecting a few devices and should have your details on the system as someone who would require a device to be loaned to them. If you have not provided the school with this information, please contact the school and let us know on:


I have devices but not enough for one each- siblings are sharing. How can each child complete all their work? We have a duty to provide all children with work and cover as much of the curriculum as if the children were at school- where possible. It is important to ensure that we have a record of what your child has done daily- we are keeping a daily register. Where they are unable to complete all the learning, please ensure they have accessed as much as possible and contact the school via the year group email to inform the teacher.
My child is struggling with their online learning and I am unable to support them If you are having to work and looking after your children at home, it is not easy to facilitate and support with home learning. The work provided by the school should be set at an appropriate pitch for your child to access alone and they can ask their teacher questions throughout the day in their Google Classroom. The response may be delayed if the teacher is busy with another child or teaching onsite, but your child will get a response and help from their teacher. If your child is finding the work too challenging and you have noticed they are not able to complete work independently, use the email provided to contact the teachers and let them know. Similarly if the work is too easy, contact the class teacher so that we can adjust this.
Why am I getting called by the school about my child’s home-learning? We are keeping a remote learning register and need to check that your child has been onto Google Classroom daily. If they have not we will need to email you or call you. On occasion, where we have not been able to contact you, we may have to follow with a Door Stop visit to ensure that you are safe and well. Therefore, it is important that you let the school know if you have not been able to complete any work for whatever reason. Your safety is our priority.
Why is someone else replying to emails/communication on GC and not my class teacher? We have a number of Key Worker and Vulnerable children on site. All staff are working from school and sharing the Google Classroom work, planning, feedback, email communications, google streams and on site teaching. Therefore, the person monitoring the emails, work turned in on GC or stream may be a different adult. In the event of an adult being absent we may also be using who we have to help support our Bubbles.
Should we use Live Lessons all the time at Woolenwick? The Educational Endowment Foundation suggests that live lessons are no better than pre-recorded ones. Moreover, it is not a legal requirement for schools to use live lessons at the moment and we are finding pre-recorded lessons allow for children to access the lessons as they need to.

Also, we are aware of parents who are sharing devices and who would be disadvantaged if we were to put in live lessons all the time. As a school, we are working on getting some live lessons in, with a view to engaging with the children and staying connected. Please see HCC letter here Important Letter from Public Health 11 January 2021

Where can I get more work for my child if I want to support my child further? We have the school website and the coverage for Spring 1 mapped into our curriculum folder. Please have a look at this to see what the children are learning. The Knowledge Organisers are useful to work through.


Please also note the following links:

Oak academy-


Oxford Owl-


Your child also has accounts for:

·         Reading Eggs/Express

·         Timestable Rockstars

·         Mathletics


The Government is offering help with the internet provision. I would like to access this- what do I need to do? Contact our family Liaison Worker- Jackie Birch on:


Please also look at the government information page:

How do I help keep my children safe online? Here is a video for children to access:


Here is a link to our online safety page:


Is my child entitled to onsite provision? Here is the link for the list of who can apply for a place at school for onsite learning:


Please note the updated guidance on attendance in schools:


As part of this guidance, even if you are a critical worker the advice is to keep children home if you can.  Note page 25 of the document linked above.


Thank you for supporting us here at Woolenwick Junior School. We are fine tuning our provision and continuously adding to it. Important Letter from Public Health 11 January 2021 Do please let us know if there is anything you would find helpful in these difficult times. We endeavour to do all that we can to support you.

Kind Regards

Ms Koser

Acting Headteacher

Woolenwick Junior School