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To support our drive in helping the environment our newsletters are distributed electronically each month.  These are important communications regarding celebrations of success, upcoming events and reminders.

Special letters, such as those which include a permission slip, will still be sent home with every child in the usual way.

If you have any further questions, please call into the school office. The school will provide paper copies of newsletters and letters currently on the school website if requested at the school office.

If you would like to talk with the class teacher, or Headteacher please make an appointment with the office

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YEAR 5 – Visit to Airbus Discovery Centre


Year 5 had a fantastic trip to the Airbus Discovery Centre last week. During the visit the children had a ‘Stories from the Stars’ show, where they learnt about different star constellations, made their own moon in a box to show the different phases of the moon, and they got to explore the education area, where there were lots of different science topics for them to investigate.

The pupils learnt all about the Mars Rover mission and saw the yard where Airbus test the Rovers before launching them into space. The children asked lots of great questions. Finally, they made paper air rockets, which they then launched outside. Some reached some great heights! An enjoyable day for all.

We are very excited about our ongoing  Library refurbishment.

We will be posting regular updates of the progress on this page