Ethos and Values

Our ethos and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning and provide an environment which prepares our children as confident, happy citizens. We endeavour to provide our children with REAL learning opportunities.

At Woolenwick Junior School we provide a safe and secure learning environment where children feel valued and happy and have a thirst for learning. We promote a positive and caring approach where children are encouraged, praised and taught to be responsible citizens and take an active role in the community in which they live.  We are proud of our school and do our very best to provide a high quality service to our children and their parents.

School Vision

We expect children to show a sense of responsibility and self-discipline towards learning and develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which will help prepare them and enable them to be successful in their life and the community in which they live.

We aim to prepare our children for life in a modern democratic and ever-changing society, where we actively celebrate diversity and ensure equality of opportunity. All children are accepted and respected at Woolenwick. We actively celebrate and embrace the different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds represented in our school and community in order to promote harmony.

At Woolenwick we believe that all children are capable of achieving very highest standards in both their behaviour and their learning.  In addition, we aim to inspire them by offering an exciting and broad curriculum experience. We seek to make a real difference to children’s lives by providing them with the skills they require to be successful in the future.

Mission Statement and Ethos

Our mission statement at Woolenwick Junior School is to enable all children to achieve their full potential in a safe, welcoming and happy learning  environment. We expect children to always do their best and make the most of all of their learning opportunities and experiences. We strive to create responsible citizens who are independent and confident lifelong learners, equipped to meet the challenges of a changing future and world within which they live.

Woolenwick is an inclusive school that values every individual and celebrates the diversity of our community.  We provide a warm, happy and stimulating environment that promotes an enjoyment and love of learning. Our goal is to enable and empower children to reach their full potential, both as learners and as members of our school family and local community, so that they can make a positive contribution to the world.

Woolenwick Junior School Aims

We are committed to developing and maintaining a close relationship between home and school, working in partnership with our parents and the community. We seek to ensure that all our children:

  • are happy, healthy, confident, independent and motivated learners;
  • have high expectations, so that they can achieve to the best of their ability;
  • develop a love of learning and always strive to do their very best;
  • receive an excellent and rich education;
  • are developed as individuals and that their diverse strengths, cultural backgrounds, gifts and aspirations are shared and celebrated;
  • have good manners, show respect at all times and have strong values that
    will help them to make informed choice

Fundamental British Values

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