Personal Property

Personal Property

Children are responsible for looking after their own property in school. Expensive toys and valuable items should not be brought to school.  

Occasionally books or items of special interest may be brought to school if requested by the class teacher.  Woolenwick Junior School accepts no liability or any loss for personal property brought into school.

Mobile Phones

It is preferable that mobile phones should not be brought to school. If for any reason it is a necessity, i.e. because of walking home alone, then the phone must be switched off at the front of the school gate and handed in to the class teacher to be locked in a safety deposit box. The phone may then only be turned on once leaving the premises.

Staff have the right to confiscate a mobile phone that is either being used inappropriately or flouting the school rules. A parent/carer will then need to collect the phone from the School Office.

Lost Property

Please make sure that all children’s clothing is named.  Any named ‘lost’ property will be returned directly to the child.  Any unnamed or lost property can be found in a blue bag located in your child’s classroom.