Science Week


We are very lucky at Woolenwick Junior School that we have connections with a variety of STEM ambassadors who help us out with workshops during Science week. It was a very busy, hands on week, which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers. Here is a summary of the activities which took place:

GSK (Glaxo Smithkline) came in and did workshops with all year groups. The lower phase did the Big Body Run, learning how our bodies work and the Upper Phase learnt about DNA and how to measure their peak flow.  Year 3 – had a visit from GZK Software, where they were taught about coding.   Year 4 had a workshop by Pepsico – making hovercrafts from CD discs. Years 3, 4 and 5 – had workshops run by Airbus, where they all made different types of rockets. In Year 3, they made straw rockets and launched them in the hall  Year 4 made rockets that had to withstand a vibration table, which replicated the vibrations that rockets go through when they enter space.  Year 4 had a STEM Water Challenge Day run by Affinity Water.  Year 5 made rockets from fizzy drinks bottles, these were filled with water, attached to an air compressor and launched into the air on the field. Some went over 100ft into the air!  Year 5 had a K’nex challenge day.   Year 6 visited the Airbus manufacturing site, where they had a talk about what Airbus do, they had a tour of the site and saw engineers at work. They were also able to ask questions about the space industry .

As all the ambassadors are volunteers, they are not always able to make our Science week. To this end, we have additional workshops happening across the next couple of months including a Year 5 visit to the Airbus Discovery Centre and Year 6 will have a workshop from Amey Waste Control.